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While we can never guarantee results, the employment attorneys at Lipman & Plesur LLP can guarantee that you will be dealt with professionally. We are pleased to share with you comments provided to us by some of our clients.

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"Dear Bob,

Thank you for generously taking time from your hectic schedule to meet with me. It is readily apparent why Rich holds you in high regard. Again, please know how much your counsel and compassion are appreciated."

- Jennifer

"Thank you a million times over. I appreciate all of your brilliance, empathy, and help.

Btw, I have given your info. to a few friends who were recently let go and had other work related issues. I hope, for their sake, they contact you!

Best wishes to you Liz and thanks again."

- Joanne

"Thank you for meeting with me and guiding me through this difficult time. I really appreciated your follow up phone call after you spoke with Mark."

- Susan

"Just wanted to let you know that I am overjoyed with the result of our recent action against XXXX. If it had not been for your diligence and legal savvy, I would most certainly have never pursued action against them, although it was my right to do so. The settlement amount far exceeded my expectations, and, indeed, is more money than I've ever had at one time. We're using the money to continue my 3 year old son's education."

Thank you again!
- Bennett

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