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While we can never guarantee results, the employment attorneys at Lipman & Plesur LLP can guarantee that you will be dealt with professionally. We are pleased to share with you comments provided to us by some of our clients.

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"I received the checks on Friday at your office and I wanted to again offer you my sincerest thanks for all of your help. I am glad this went so smoothly and we all were able to make a few bucks in the process.

I just want to also commend Ms. Tarlov of your office staff, who was always pleasant and helpful."

- John

"Dear Ms. Schalet, Thank you for all of your guidance and advice during my departure from …  Your advice helped me navigate an incredibly difficult and awful situation. I truly appreciate the time you took to both meet with me and answer my additional questions.

Thank you."

- CT.

"I guess you were right when you said, when they read the letter you wrote for me they would know I spoke to a lawyer and perhaps back off. I am still gainfully employed there and all the managers suddenly began to be EXTRA nice to me. I guess they decided to put my file aside with a big red sign that says, DON'T TOUCH!!!!

Well, I just wanted to let you know that you made a huge difference in my stress level and thus, in my recovery. I just had my follow up PET scan for my cancer and ALL is stable now!

I feel like the Empire State Building has been lifted off my shoulders, thanks to you! It was a pleasure meeting you and I'm glad to say, for now, I won't be needing your services, sorry, but pretty happy right now!!!!

My husband and I both thank you!!"

- Cindy

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